Clinical Director

I specialize in working with children (ages 3+), adolescents, and teens. My focus is on helping individuals build upon their strengths and gain insight into the areas of their lives that they desire to change. I believe that the therapeutic relationship and providing a safe environment are the building blocks that help me guide others in their personal growth and goal attainment. I strive to provide a caring, motivating, and supportive environment where clients can feel safe to explore any issues they bring to counseling.

I believe that helping individuals develop the skills necessary for change is an important part of counseling. I gear my therapeutic work to the needs and concerns of the client, utilizing cognitive behavioral approaches, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, solution focused therapy, and an overall eclectic approach.

I have experience working as a School Counselor, allowing me to provide insight into any school-related needs for parents and their children.


Licensed Associate Counselor

Feelings of anxiety, depression, and dealing with life experiences can turn us away from the undiscovered inner strength we all have in times when we need it most. Meaningful work with a counselor is done in a safe, non-judgmental space—all starting with a connection between two people. This is a journey that we will take together in which you will not only gain the skills to face life’s hardships but also experience personal growth and rediscovery. I am a firm believer in self-empowerment and the importance of looking inward for the answers we may already have and need help uncovering. I specialize in working with teens, adolescent, and young adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, social issues, life transitions, and identity-related stressors.


Bilingual Counselor

I am a bilingual national board-certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I specialize in empowering adults and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, loss, trauma, abuse, and a wide range of life transitions. By creating a safe, genuinely caring, and non-judgmental environment, I help individuals, couples, and families navigate through hard emotional processes.  I am passionate about helping clients tap into their inner strength, learn more about themselves, better understand their thought processes and motivations, and the impact that these may have on their feelings, behaviors, and interactions with others.  I strongly believe in the power of a collaborative counseling relationship, and use multiple therapeutic approaches, based on each client’s individual needs. I use this approach to help my clients identify treatment goals, and develop positive change and healthy coping skills for life.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I specialize in working with children and adolescents who may be experiencing anxiety and depression and require assistance in coping with their feelings. Empowerment through a therapeutic support enables them to gain confidence, manage their feelings and make positive behavioral and/or life choices. I believe this is important for them to build and and maintain healthy relationships.

Much of my experience is comprised of working with children in the foster care system. This has provided me with a crucial perspective of a child’s need for stability, consistent attachments and bonds, and a nurturing environment. Additionally, family involvement is key. I utilize play therapy, cognitive behavioral approaches, and an overall combined approach in my work.

I believe our life’s journey is enriched when there is an abundance of support, nurturing and knowledge.


Licensed Professional Counselor
Bilingual Therapist

We all have moments in our lives when we need support. Whether we're facing something unexpected, trying to manage feelings we don't understand, or just hoping to forget something that happened years ago. We are all carrying some sort of burden with us, but you don't have to carry it alone.
A trained therapist can provide help and support, making it possible to lighten your load and experience peace and comfort. Many of my clients have described counseling as "relieving" and are able to use their difficult experiences as building blocks for success. Although sometimes scary, it is freeing to finally get so much weight off your shoulders.
As a mental health counselor and certified trauma therapist, my goal is to work collaboratively with my clients. Everyone is different so the healing process looks different for each client. Using my therapeutic knowledge and your expertise on yourself, we will work together to create a plan that is unique to your personality, needs, and goals.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

We all need support at different stages in our lives. Therapy is a healthy option to consider when we are going through a difficult time, need someone to listen to us and to receive support where we may not be receiving it elsewhere. Unloading and opening up without any judgment can be such a relief.
I am here to help you work through your problems, provide support in processing your current or past feelings, and assist you with developing the coping skills necessary for your personal success. I will provide you with a safe environment to work through challenges, help you learn and grow as an individual, and achieve your personal goals.
I have significant experience working with middle school and high school aged students. I have a warm, optimistic and nurturing therapeutic style. I believe in motivating my clients and assisting them in finding hope while overcoming any challenges they may be facing.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Terri is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) .  She earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Ramapo College, majoring in Social Work with a minor in addictions. She earned her Master’s Degree from Fordham University with a concentration on trauma and a specialization in working with children and families. Terri attended Monmouth University post master's to study Play Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy.
Terri believes a good therapist should be able to create a feeling of safety, which allows one to fully address issues and work towards their goals. Terri is passionate about her work and respects all those who take the steps necessary to achieve growth and change.
Terri has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults on a variety of issues including but not limited to ADHD, trauma, mood disorders, oppositional behaviors, depression, and anxiety, as well as life’s challenges. She tailors her approach to the clients’ individual style and developmental needs. Terri has experience with play therapy and feels it is the most effective approach for children.



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