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"We started sessions for our 7 year-old who was struggling with socialization skills, having intense meltdowns and unable to calm herself down.  My daughter is extremely shy, even around extended family members, so we were hesitant that she would be willing to talk during the appointments.  Racquel's demeanor was incredibly welcoming to my daughter and quickly the office became a spot where she had fun while gaining confidence and skills- without even realizing it.  The parent sessions were a very helpful way for us to navigate changes that we needed to make at home, to build and encourage this growth.  We have observed positive changes in her socialization and meltdowns that she can end on her own. We are grateful for the work Racquel has done and would encourage anyone who is considering counseling for their kids to give her a try!" -LW

"My son was having some behavior issues in school and it was suggested that I get him a therapist.  Racquel was so accommodating, working between school hours, sports, and dinner time to help me find a time that worked. My son absolutely loved going to see her and he was able to open up to her faster than he's ever opened up to anyone before.  I don't know what her magic is but my typically introverted son took to her immediately.  Racquel provided exactly what my son needed so he could learn skills for coping, anger management, communication and more." -Jennifer C.

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